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Whether natural or man-made, warm or cool, bright or dim, light inspires us and evokes uplifting emotion. Both particle and wave, light does not simply reflect, it has weight and a presence all its own.


Light celebrates artistry and accentuates the inherent qualities of materials. Light augments architecture pulling details, quite literally, out of the shadows. Light is a timeless metaphor for virtue and aspiration. Simply stated, light forms the foundation of our experience.


Light tells a story.

our team

LIGHTING DESIGN is a science and an art. Barbara and her team are pioneers, sculpting and transforming the way we see interior and exterior spaces, and in the process, changing the way we feel.

With over 30 years of experience, there are few situations Bouyea & Associates has not encountered, few complications not solved, and few techniques not mastered. We research, design, coordinate, and supervise throughout all stages from concept to final installation. In addition, if we can't locate a product to meet our project requirements, we work directly with manufacturers to create one that is tailored uniquely to our clients' needs.


Bouyea & Associates drawings and specifications exceed expectations. It is this attention to detail that have won Bouyea & Associates the respect of many repeat clients, architects, designers, developers, contractors, and manufacturers, who have shared our desire for an extraordinary and reassuring experience. We aim for excellence and beauty, and our clients continue to return. 

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