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BRIANNA HARRINGTON was meant to be a lighting designer. She has a trained creative side that combined with the brain of an engineer, allows Brianna to look at lighting from all angles. She sees solutions from many points of views and consistently has valuable input and strategies, while always ensuring there is magic in the design.

Brianna is a valuable member of any design team. She understands construction, budgets and deadlines and works within these parameters. Brianna is not afraid to climb a ladder, adjust fixtures, re-lamp and work with the on-site team to complete the project perfectly.

Brianna first studied Fine Arts at the University of Connecticut followed by a Master’s degree in Interior Design at Chatham University. Once back in Litchfield County, she discovered Bouyea and Associates and her passion for lighting. Brianna worked closely with Barbara for several years, learning the art of lighting design, the details and the requirements that make a project develop smoothly from start to finish. She cultivated these skills further when she joined Architecture & Light in San Francisco and worked on the San Francisco Ferry Building T1, Google offices and the Berkley Repertory Theatre.

Brianna returned to Bouyea & Associates and provides valuable oversight for many of our west coast projects. She has worked on luxury designs that include one of kind residences, award winning hotels as well as for Fortune 50 companies. Her list of projects include the Four Seasons Resort Lanai, Four Seasons Resort Koele, Nobu Lanai, Nobu Indian Wells and Nobu Palo Alto. Currently she is working on a new Waldorf Hotel in San Francisco and a Nobu Hotel in Palo Alto.

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